Rotary Tool Accessories Kit 160pcs, UTOOL Universal Rotary Accessory Set for DIY Woodworking, Cuttin



1. Unlimited Craftsmanship: Utool Standard Rotary Tool Accessories can be used great for all types of detail work in both hard and delicate materials. From cleaning the rusted kitchen hardware to a wood carving masterpiece, the rotary accessories kit provides you unlimited craftsmanship, helps you give birth to your creative ideas and forge your imagination

2. Total 160pcs Accessories: Contains a wealth of accessories such as cutting, grinding, sanding, sharpening, polishing, engraving, drilling and cleaning, perfect for nurturing your creativity

3. Universal Applications : Includes 2 different collets(3/32”, 1/8"),in order to match different accessories, compatible with dremel and most of rotary tools

4. Easy Organizer:All parts organized neatly in the storage box, avoid loss, rust and damage of the accessories. PP and ABS made box,very solid and easy to carry and hang

5. Utool Services: Utool stands behind every product we sell, 100% money back or replacement if there is damage or missing parts when you get it.

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Cleaning & Polishing

1PC Brass Brush: Clean and remove burrs

1PC Nylon Bristle Brush: Clean and remove dust and dirt
1PC Cloth wheel: Clean and polish metals, stones, glass and ceramics

1PC Felt Polishing Cone: Clean and polish metals, stones, glass and ceramics

5PCS Felt Polishing Wheels: Clean and polish metals, stones, glass and ceramics

1PC Emery Impregnated Disc: Clean and define grooves; polish metals, stones, glass and ceramics

Drilling & Cutting & Sanding

40PCS Cutting Wheels: Cut or slot bolts and screws
2PCS HSS Drill Bits: Drill into plastics, wood and soft metals

5PCS Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels: Cut and groove metal

1PC HSS Milling Cutter: Chamfer mold and engroove for wood and plastic

16PCS Sanding Bands: Grind, polish, remove rust from metal surfaces

50PCS Sanding Papers: Smooth and shape wood, remove rust

Grinding & Sharpening

1PC Grinding Paste: Polish metal with the wool wheel

6PCS Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheels: Used for grinding and sharpening metals

6PCS Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels: Used for grinding glass, ceramic tile and metal

2PCS Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheels with Shank: Used for sharpening, deburring and general purpose grinding on harder materials

4PCS Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels with Shank: Used for sharpening, deburring and general purpose grinding on harder materials

Carving & Engraving & Others

2PC Sand Drums: Used to sanding bands

3PCS Collets: Provides the optimal grip for bits

1PC Wrench: Unscrew, fasten chuck nut and mandre

3PCS Mandrels: Connect with grinding wheel, sanding paper and wool wheel

1PC Whet Stone: Grinding high-speed steel cutting tools, grinding hard and brittle materials

7PCS Diamond Pointed Wheels: Engrave on soft metal, plastic, ceramic, tile, fiberglass, jewelry and glass  

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