UTOOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket



  • ☘Utool Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket provides more heavy duty functions than the thinner emergency blanket. Made of 3.0 material, the blanket is far more durable, and endures heavy duty usage during outdoor activities, emergency situation in all weather conditions. It conducts more function than you expect if you keep one in your bug out bag, go bag, home/ auto emergency kit.
  • ☘Tough and Reusable: 3 Layers of non-woven fabric, polyester mesh, aluminized mylar add new heavy duty features like moving firewood. It is up to 6x tougher than a similar product in the market, and highly reusable to walk you through your whole adventure.
  • ☘More versatile features and multiple functions as a protection in all weather conditions or surviving in natural disasters. It can be used as ground cover, load hauler, emergency shelter, wind blocker, rain coat, gear cover, bivy sack, sleeping bag liner, sun cover, solar oven, bird repellent, snowmelt container, water collector. 4 grommets offers different set up to your need.
  • ☘Thermal and Reflective: Saving you from hypothermia or shock by retaining/reflecting up to 93% of body heat. Silver side deflects the heat from the sun and helps you to keep cool.
  • ☘Utool Emergency Blanket Family: Always Be Prepared, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. You never know what you might stumble into around the corner. Everyone in awe of the unknown should keep emergency supplies by their side, but we wish you never have to use it.
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