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Utool Ultra Emergency Blanket, 5.0 Material Technology Guarantees Ultra Outdoor Performance

Imagine camping or hiking into the wild and the weather suddenly changes, hunting in the forest and lost your way, car went done during a long trip, or even worse, a hurricane swept through your town, what is going to help you when you are wating for rescue? The 4.0 version Thermal Emergency Survival Blanket by Utool is your answer.

This emergency blanket is made of the newest tech material which consists of 5 layers of material

1.The first layer of PE with orange color makes it strong and waterproof, helps to keep the blanket dry and clean. The orange color make it eye-catching for rescue signal.

2. The second layer of Polyester Mesh improves the structural strength fo the blanket, makes it tear resistant

3. 2 layers of PE lamination forms a “sandwich” structure with the Polyester Mesh and the other PE layer which takes the performance of waterproof, windproof, tensile strength to another level, perfect for heavy duty work.

4. The fourth layer of aluminized mylar enables the blanket to be reflective for heat and light.

Just put one in your trunk or in your emergency kit, then you are prepare for:

♦Desert with extrem heat

♦Mountains with freezing cold

♦Forest with muddy gound


And you can use it as a tarp, gound cover, wind shelter, rain coat, and so much more


1× Ultra Emergency blanket

4×Plastic Nails

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